Renovations & Remodeling


Swimming pools have an

approximate ten to twelve year maintenance cycle. After that time frame, the plaster typically begins to wear away and the tile also loses its shiny glaze. Pump and chemical equipment should be updated along with the plaster and tile. By following a regular maintenance schedule, you will ensure the shell structure stays intact. We can create a 1-year, 5-year and 10-year proactive mainenance plan customized to the size, shape and quality of your pool.


Signature AQUATICS specializes in re-plaster and re-tile projects.

Our renovations and remodeling team can remove and replace your plaster and tile. We can even construct a new pool within an existing pool.


Signature AQUATICS has the ability and vast experience to undertake a wide range of custom updates to your facilty including new decking, addition of a spa or waterfall or magnificent lighting.